Breaking News: There’s a new M&M in town

She’s purple — and she’s a little different!

Renée Millette


Image Credit: M&Ms

Sure, I’ve always loved an M&M — especially the mini ones — but the controversy earlier this year about the de-sexification of Ms. Green M&M earlier this year has really made me think a lot about the entire M&M advertising universe. It’s gotten so bad that my roommate even got a Green M&M mini Statue of Liberty that we keep prominently in our home. My passion for M&Ms is not stronger than the impact of everything else going on in my life, so I was delighted when a friend texted me with the news that there’s a brand new M&M to join the colorful crew — the first one in a decade!

Just look at HER

Meet Purple: the first female peanut M&M to join the group. She’s purple, and she’s different! Being a little quirky, that’s her whole thing. According to the Mars press release, Purple was “[d]esigned to represent acceptance and inclusivity.” She’s not afraid to be who she is, and she’s letting the world know that nobody should be afraid to be who they are either! That’s what advertising is about, baby! Self-esteem!

She’s so into being one-of-a-kind that she even has her own debut song, “I’m Just Gonna Be Me.” I listened to it and it’s not too bad for a song that’s made for a commercial (but there are better commercial songs out there for sure). The production quality is also pretty darn good, but then again — these are M&Ms we’re talking about, so they only deserve the best.

This is like half the song. We get it! You’re you, Purple!

Now, as someone who has analyzed the fuckability of all the other main M&M characters, you might be wondering where I think Purple stands among the rest. And I’ll have you know I’ve thought long and hard about it and I think I’ve got Ms. Purple M&M all figured out.

Just by looking at Purple, I can get that she gives off a kind of alternative vibe. For one, she’s a peanut, which makes her not like other girls. Second, she’s wearing white M&M docs which is pretty alternative, especially when her creators…