Horoscopes for Leo Season

Renée Millette
4 min readJul 27, 2021

Feel that burning? Is that a climate crisis going on or is it just the sun just in Leo now? That’s right, the sad girl portion of summer is over and hot girl summer can officially begin! Thank the planets because I personally just got my heart broken and I feel dead inside (thank you for reading!). Fires in the summer can be devastating, but the fire coming from this zodiac sign is only going to help you make the best out of the season. This is the time for us to be the most extra versions of ourselves and really embrace all that hot girl energy. Ever wanted to be the main character of your own story? That’s going to happen right now (we hope)!

Since you’re the fire sign of fire signs, it seems like every day of the year is a good day for you. So even when you find out that your house is haunted by the ghost of a Victorian woman who died from consumption and she’s wailing so much that you can’t sleep, it’s not even that bad. The Victorian woman finds you very attractive and charming and now you have some kind of weird human/ghost romance happening. Just watch out if you bring anyone home, the Victorian woman does not do threesomes and her wrath can be quite powerful.

While Leos thrive in the sun, this season you’re all about saying, “Fuck the sun!” The sun is quite powerful these days and your delicate constitution might not hold well against it — for now, that is. Spend time indoors to stay cool while you train for your big battle against the sun itself. You are going to physically fight the sun.

You’re feeling a bit chatty this month, so be a bit careful as to what you say and to whom. Even though it may be illegal in the state or country that you reside in, someone might be recording everything you say while at the bar to collect evidence against you. You don’t want the world to know what you did at the office holiday party in 2018, so just be careful.

It’s been a rough one for you, and your old tooth fairy from childhood has noticed that, too, so she will give you a little visit. You might have thought that the tooth fairy was just your mom, but no, there are fairies that are harvesting your teeth for some serious cash. She’s going to spread a little bit of the wealth to you, as a little thank you…