What I Eat in a Day: Full-Time Worker, Part-Time Caregiver, and Alleged Comedian Edition

Renée Millette
7 min readFeb 28

Have no time and no energy to do anything for yourself? Neither do I!

A promotional photo of the mac n’ cheese pizza at Dimo’s, which I have not yet acquired in the free pizza giveaway.

Eating is easy, but figuring out what to eat and actually making it is hard, especially when you’re at work most of the day and spend your nights pretty busy (for me it was at open mics and improv practice, etc.). That’s why for the past few years I got into the habit of meal prepping on my Sunday afternoons. It was nothing too labor-intensive or exceptionally healthy, but just enough to get me through at least a few days for lunch in the office. Now, as a reader of this newsletter you know that pretty much every part of my old living routine flew out the fucking window when my mom fell ill, and meal prepping for myself was one of the first things to go.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still meal prep, but it’s not for me. I usually like to take time (a lot of it) over the weekend while I’m at my parents’ house to make something simple and fresh that they both like to eat that also won’t tear apart my dad’s stomach. I know I’m starting to sound like a mommy blogger but don’t worry — this is more for my sake than for theirs (who wants to deal with a dad who has an upset stomach seven days a week? It fucking sucks).

Because I’ve still decided to try and live my life the way I used to to the best of my ability (I am so tired all the time), and since I’ve lost my one day to prepare myself for the work week, I’ve had to get a little creative about my meals. If there’s one thing I don’t have, it’s time. So here’s what I do.


I’ve honestly never eaten breakfast in my life. The idea of eating something first thing in the morning makes me gag. I have been perpetually tired since the age of thirteen and I have not eaten an early morning breakfast since that time. I need until like 9:00 a.m. before even thinking about putting anything in my body.

But I do drink coffee. I am gross though and drink instant coffee. It’s what my parents drink and honestly if you never taste anything better, instant coffee isn’t too bad. Sometimes living in ignorance is good, and much cheaper. When I’m in the office, I’ll go for a K-cup coffee even though…

Renée Millette

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